“Opportunities and Challenges for refugee students and teachers returning from Thailand to Myanmar”

On 26th June 2015, Myanmar Education Consortium and Save the Children International held a media event on “Opportunities and Challenges for refugee students and teachers returning from Thailand to Myanmar” at Monsoon Restaurant, Yangon, Myanmar.

Forty six participants including representatives from international non- government organisations, local organisations, ethnic education organisations, members of parliament, refugee camps and other key education actors joined the event. The event aimed to highlight the need for civil society advocacy for an education policy framework that recognises refugee teachers and students upon return to Myanmar. Information on the refugee camp education systems were shared by the panelists, which highlighted the challenges and opportunities for returnee students and teachers.

Myanmar Education Consortium has been supporting ethnic education in Myanmar since 2014 and save the Children Thailand has been supporting refugee education on the Thailand- Myanmar border since 2011. Due to recent political changes in Myanmar, there is speculation that large scale organized voluntary return of refugees may be possible in the short to medium term. At the event, the “Beyond Access: Refugee student’s experiences of Myanmar State Education “report was launched and the short film “Recognise our education, realize our dreams” was shown to raise the voices of students and teachers from the camps.

You can check out the event coverage on Kamayut Media.

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