Education Coalitions Meet to Discuss Strategic Directions in Asia and South Pacific

In November 2016 the Myanmar Education Consortium (MEC) participated in the workshop “Consolidating our Gains to Better Advance Transformative Education and Lifelong learning for all” organized by ASPBAE in Bangkok.

The two day Regional Strategic Planning Workshop is the culmination of The Asia South Pacific Association for Basic and Adult Education (ASPBAE) consultations in November 2016. The Regional Strategic Planning Workshop deliberated and built consensus on the future priorities and directions of ASPBAE, with the engaged participation of more than 100 participants.


Dr. Thein Lwin chairman of the Thinking Classroom Foundation (TCF) and of the National Network for Education Reform (NNER) has been re-confirmed as member of the Executive Council and delivered a speech on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for the future of Education in Myanmar.


Participating to the event has been an opportunity for learning and strengthening the relations with a vibrant and active civil society movement that will be central in developing education in the region.


ASPBAE is a regional association of more than 200 organizations and individuals. It works towards promoting quality education for all and transformative and liberating, life-long adult education and learning. ASPBAE is a network of organizations and individuals involved in formal and non-formal adult education, working with and through NGOs, community organizations, government agencies, universities, trade unions, indigenous people, women’s organizations, the media, and other institutions of civil society across the Asia Pacific (

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