MEC ethnic partner organizations accomplished MTB-MLE 6 week course at Chiang Mai

MTB-MLE Chiang Mai Course
Figure 1: Learners and teachers of  MTB-MLE 6 week course in Chiang Mai.

Myanmar Education Consortium (MEC) and representatives from ethnic partners’ BBCD staffs participated in a 6 week long MTB-MLE course in Chiang Mai, Thailand from July 24 to Aug 2, 2019.

The course was organized in partnership with SIL & Payap University and Language Institute. Two workshops were done consecutively starting with the MTB-MLE workshop followed by the Integrating cultural arts into education workshop. The main purpose of this course was to build participants’ capacity on MTB-MLE and learn how to develop different learning materials for better learning outcomes.

The participants were equipped with the knowledge, skills and value on the theory of MTB-MLE and practical session were conducted for material development. During the course, each of the language group produced language progression plan, big books, busy pictures, listening stories, songs and other skills to develop different materials for teaching and learning which are essential for the MTB-MLE program. The language groups would go back to their own organization and share their knowledge and skills with other staff. The newly developed materials would be tested in the communities to check whether they are appropriate for the children.

MEC supported the ethnic partners’ staffs to attend the course and expects them to carry forward their learning to the field. Moreover, when the staffs are back in their organization, MEC will follow up their activities by conducting field visits during book testing.

(Along with continuing support to four key complementary providers, and following a comprehensive research and design phase, MEC established five new partnerships for the delivery of capacity development in Mother Tongue Based – Multilingual Education (MTB-MLE).  Through the initiative, which works with a broader base of mother tongue education providers, MEC has continued to contribute to the progression of multi-lingual education practices, capacity and policy in Myanmar.)

Figure 2: Student with her drawing picture at MTB-MLE Course.


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