Validation Workshop of National Framework for Equitable Professional DBE Teachers in Myanmar

Validation Workshop
Representatives from MEC and it’s partner organizations ( MEDG, MNEC and KTWG/KED) participated in the Validation Workshop in 30th, September, 2019 at Nay Pyi Taw.

September, 2019, Nay Pyi Taw: In the context of important reforms being implemented in Myanmar’s education sector, Monastic and ethnic basic education providers are excluded due to a number of reasons. Recently, the Ministry of Education (MoE), with the technical and financial support from UNICEF has committed to developing for CPD Framework to guide the development of a comprehensive, equity focused CPD programme for all teachers in Myanmar.

MEC and its partners received an official invitation from UNICEF and MoE to participate in this process, once in the National Policy Seminar on 2 Aug in Yangon and recently in the validation workshop on 30 Sep 2019. Relevant representatives from MEDG, MNEC and KTWG/KED together with MEC leadership turned up and discussed about the means of cooperation and coloration for future implications for teachers from monastic and ethnic basic education providers. It sounds encouraging seeing that the scope of CPD framework would include teachers working in monastic schools and ethnic schools.

They key Points were discussed and presented to the Technical working group.

1) How will the Ministry of Education take the leadership to make comprehensive consultations with Monastic and ethnic basic education providers (who are not currently recognized by MoE) for joint costed plan?

2) How will the Ministry of Education conduct Needs Assessment Exercise and Comprehensive Gaps Analysis in monastic and ethnic schools while there are also monastic and ethnic education CPD programs? – MNEC has PRESET and INSET teacher training and Boh Htaw Education Empowerment Program, for KTWG/KED there are two years PRESET and INSET teacher training programs and for MEDG 1 year education program and accredited Yaung Zin module? Are these monastic and ethnic current
CPD programs also going to be assessed and analyzed?

3) How monastic and ethic teachers can be recognized and accredited?

Basically, the discussions points and feedback from different groups will be well-taken and considered by the Technical working group and revised accordingly. Then, it will be presented to MoE for further process. The process will be completed before end of 2019 and roll out beyond 2020. it’s still vague in terms of way forward. However, we can still be positive because this initiative could be just the new dawn of MEPP soon and in near future to have more cooperation and collaboration of MoE with monastic and ethnic basic education providers to some degrees and later to be more inclusive in the national education reforms.

Validation Workshop (1)
MEC and partner organization representatives participated in the Group Presentation session at Validation Workshop.

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