MEC is a multi-stakeholder partnership programme that benefit from the resources and experiences of a diverse range of partners including donors, international NGOs, local civil society organisations, networks, corporate partners and technical consultants.

Partnerships are established for different purposes and goals. Some partnerships are formal (contracted) while others are informal. Some partnerships are long-term while others can be only for a one-off event. Some partnerships are strategic and intentional in nature, while others are more ad hoc. MEC’s approach to working in partnership is discussed in detail this document. The main types of partners are:

Project Partners

MEC partners with a number of local non-government and civil society organizations to implement education service delivery projects and this is contracted through one of the grant funding streams of MEC. The profiles of project partners can be found in the Programmes section.

Technical Partners

MEC partners with technical organisations and consultants in a number of areas in education and organisational development to facilitate training, research and other capacity development initiatives.

Network Partners

MEC work with a number of formal and informal networks and working group on advocacy initiatives and learning events.

Advocacy Partners

MEC collaborates with international and local non-government organisations that share a similar mandate on advocacy initiatives, including lobbying and campaigning. Find detail of MEC’s advocacy partners here.

Bi-laterals and Multi-lateral partners

MEC works closely with donors and UN agencies for better coordination in the education sector.

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