Daily Transportation to School is Challenging

26 April 2016

Ma Kyi Kyi Moe, 10, is a Grade 2 student at a middle school in Kan Kalay village, Eain Mae Township, Ayeyarwady Region. She is from Pauk Tan village and has five siblings. She does not have fully developed legs and is shorter compared to her peers.

“I always go to school together with my elder sister,” she said. “She is now in Grade 6. We walk to school every day. I like to study, though, I sometimes have to skip schools. I suffer from pain in thighs if I walk for long.”

She shared her need in a soft voice. “I asked my parents to buy a motorcycle but they cannot afford it. The motorcycle will be a big support for my daily transportation to school. I will not feel pain anymore because of the long walk to school. “

“I like Myanmar language the best as it is easy. I want to become a teacher one day.”

Project Information

In collaboration with Catholic Relief Services (CRS), Myanmar Education Consortium (MEC) is supporting financial aid to KMSS Pathein in order to implement Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities project in (5) Township in Ayeyarwady Region. The project period is from June 2014 to May 2017. The project is targeted for disabled children, parents, students and teachers to receive quality basic education for all disabled students.

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