Mother Tongue Based ECCD Center in Rakhine

21 July 2017

The very first ECCD program using the mother tongue of the Laitu Chin community has formally started in July 2016 in Ahaung Taung village, Minbyar Township, Rakhine State. Wanu became a teacher of 20 children.

Wanu explained the active classroom atmosphere while teaching in the Laitu language. “Curriculum and mother tongue based materials are very special. Every week, children listen to new stories. Children really love to imitate different voices like surprised or panicked mentioned in the story. They love listening to words and phrases appear repeatedly. They can say sentence ending words even before I read to them. They love to hear symbolic and poetic words, which they do not usually hear in their daily life. They enjoy hearing Laitu expressions beautifully described in the stories. The words and descriptions help children can see actions.”

In Feb 2017, 5 older children graduated from the ECCD program. This is a good start of the ECCD center. The management committee takes care of the center for the sustainability.

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