Saw Nobal’s story: his eagerness to learn

25 April 2016

Saw Nobal has been partially blind since birth. Although he dreamed of going to school, his parents were unable to meet the cost of an operation that would allow him to gain partial eyesight.

However, in July 2015, KMSS Pathein provided financial support for Saw Nobal’s eye operation in Pathein Township through the Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities project. After the operation, he regained partial eyesight and no longer needs support with mobility.

In September 2015, his dream came true. With facilitation from KMSS Pathein, he started attending Grade 1 at a branch middle school in Khaung Lan Kone Gyi village, Eain Mae Township in Ayeyarwady Region.

Because Saw Nobal’s needs were still greater than the other students, two teachers closely mentored him every day at school. One of his teachers, Daw Htike Htike Soe explained: “He is eager to learn but he cannot follow well like other students because he is partially sighted. We cannot use textbooks to teach him. We have to write on a blackboard with big letters for him to read clearly. We arranged his sitting place closer to the board. However, he still needs a pair of glasses for a clear eye vision.”

But after just six months in school Saw Nobal had to stop his study because of his eye problem in the middle of the academic year in February 2016. His parents could not afford the follow-up medication.

Project Information

In collaboration with Catholic Relief Services (CRS), Myanmar Education Consortium (MEC) is supporting financial aid to KMSS Pathein in order to implement Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities project in (5) Township in Ayeyarwady Region. The project period is from June 2014 to May 2017. The project is targeted for disabled children, parents, students and teachers to receive quality basic education for all disabled students.

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