The benefit of multilingual education

30 Sep 2016

Daw Ji Nan is 26 years old. She is a primary school teacher in Loi Je Township, Kachin State. Here 80% of the community speak Kachin (Jinghpaw) language. Teachers teach the youngest students in Jinghpaw and let them sing poems in their mother tongue when they first arrive at school.

Daw Ji Nan strongly believes that using the mother tongue will benefit children learning. She said: “For primary level students, I use both Jinghpaw and Myanmar languages in the classroom. In this way, I can communicate better with my students. Moreover, it is a good way to maintain our mother tongue and a great help to learn Myanmar language.”

Parents support this approach and expect their children to use their mother tongue, but they also encourage them to learn Myanmar and other international languages to become good citizens of the country and the world.

Credit: Nyein (Shalom) Foundation

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