Zaw Htet Kyaw’s story: Hope for disabled children through early childhood care and development centres

22 October 2014


Mg Zaw Htet Kyaw, 6, was born with a disability that caused developmental delays in his speech and physical growth. As a result, by the age of six he was still unable to walk or speak. In 2013, his parents sent him to the MEC supported Pan A Linkar Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) centre in Chaung Wa village, Delta Region, Myanmar in the hope that he might learn to speak and walk like other children his age.
When Mg Zaw Htet Kyaw arrived at the centre he would not eat and refused to interact or play with the other children. He was not interested in learning, his behaviour was poor and he was always crying. As time went on, however, Zaw Htet Kyaw’s bahaviour started to improve and gradually he started eating and playing with the other children at the centre. Currently, he is even learning to speak.                                                                                                             020 022
“I hoped that Zaw Htet Kyaw would start walking and playing like other children when he came to the centre,” said ECCD committee member U Than Zaw Now I’m very glad that he has not only started walking and playing but he is also speaking and reciting poems”.
Zaw Htet Kyaw’s mother says that he now enjoys going to the Pan A Linkar center and loves playing and reciting poems with the other children. Thanks to the ECCD caregivers, Zaw Htet Kyaw’s eating habits have improved and he can now walk and play with a ball. He plays and participates in all lessons like the other children. His parents are delighted and are extremely grateful to the ECCD centre caregivers.
Daw Thadar Htay, Zaw Htet Kyaw’s mother, said: “I’m so happy that my son is now educated and is walking well and speaking and playing like other children. Before he attended sessions at the ECCD centre, he could not stand or walk at all. Now, I’m seeing positive changes in my son and I’m delighted. When Zaw Htet Kyaw used to come home from the ECCD centre, he used to take off his school uniform and change into his normal clothes. Now, he is proud to wear his uniform.”
“The children who attend the centre have good opportunities for systematic learning and development. Parents can also increase their family income because they have more time to work when their children attend the ECCD centre,” said Daw Thandar Htun, one of the caregivers at the Pan A Linkar center “I’m very pleased to work as an ECCD caregiver and I’m proud to have an ECCD centre like this in my village.”
Despite his disability, Zaw Htet Kyaw now has the same opportunities as other children thanks to the Pan A Linkar ECCD centre. He now dreams of a better future. His mother said, “Thank you World Vision for giving my son hope.”

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