Education in Emergencies (EiE)

MEC had a trial Education in Emergencies (EiE) programme, operated through a small, flexible funding mechanism, up to December 2014, with four organisations completing their operations in 2014 and 2015. The EiE call for proposals was closed at the start of 2015.

The overall goals of the EiE programme included:

  • To establish and run an emergency education fund mechanism for immediate education needs in emergencies
  • Training local partners and communities on basic education in emergencies preparedness and response
  • Set up and manage an education equipment emergency stock pile for rapid distribution to partners.

In addition to supporting four EiE partners with funding, MEC also trained eight partners in education in emergencies preparedness and response.

Following large-scale flooding in July and August 2015, the MEC Steering Committee agreed to allocate resources to respond through MEC’s established networks of partners. Proposals from partners have mainly been for the purchase of basic classroom materials for distribution and renovation/reconstruction of school facilities that were damaged or destroyed by floods and landslides. The overall budget allocated for the flood response amounted to US$27,000 in support of three different interventions. MEC’s emergency stockpile of students and teacher kits was also mobilised as part of the Save the Children in Myanmar flood response.


Global Family provided stationery and toolkits to 38 preschools and 38 primary schools. They renovated one primary school and built four preschools in four villages of Thantlang Township, Chin State. They officially registered local NGO under Government of Myanmar in 2013.

Project areas: Chin State

Project goal:

  1. To support suffering children in their Educational Development  by any means, especially for their emergency education needs, so that all children in rural areas can continue basic education studies in the most difficult situations and parents  know that all children have the right to an education
  2. To prevent and protect children from falling into the hands of traffickers by carrying out trafficking awareness education
  3. To  give emergency aid by any means to those who need emergency help due natural and man-made disasters.

Contact: Chan Thawng, Executive Director

Paku Karen Baptist Hilly Region Outer-side Mission Center provided teaching and learning material to 128 teachers and 2,120 children in Kayin State to respond to localised displacements as a result of new road construction and landslides related to mining projects.

Paku ‘candlelight’ is a small non-profit social response group, formed on April 1 2014, which brings together a group of people with common goals and interests to volunteer in the community. They have been implementing a project in providing stationary and kits for 5,500 school children rendered IDPs due to the landslides and flood in the communities of Mawchi, Chima Phyu, Oak Twin, and Toungoo during October 2014.

Project goal: Vital importance in local community is conducted and developed through emergency response plan.

Contact: Naw Paw Lar Say (Project Director/Manager);

Education and Empowerment of Wa Children Education (EEWCO) provided learning material to 4,130 students in Wa Special region to respond to flooding and local displacement due to road construction.

Education and Empowerment of Wa Children Organization (EEWCO) is one of the branches of Yangon Wa Education Center and was formed in 2000. EEWCO has common interest and commitment on doing social responsibilities in youth activities and gradually transforms current education system in Wa State.

Project goal: To supporting Educational Materials and Basic Needs to School Children of IDPs at Wa State.

Contact: Daw Aye Nwe, Administrator

Metta Development Foundation provided safe learning environments for 1,124 displaced children in Northern Shan State following clashes between the Myanmar Army and Kachin Independence Army.

Flood Response 2015

Save the Children in Myanmar mobilised 1,000 student kits for grades 1 and 2, 1,000 student kits for grades 3, 4 and 5 and 25 teacher kits stored in the MEC warehouse in order to reach students in  affected areas in Magway and Chin State.

In July 2015, MEC’s partner Linguistic Society faced severe flooding in their project area of Min Byar Township, where many families lost their income and livelihoods and so were not in a position to provide school material to their children. MEC provided teaching and learning materials and recreation kits. Through the support provided, Linguistic Society established temporary learning spaces; supported caregivers/teachers/supervisors for EiE activities (training and stipends); and provided funds for repairing ECCD centres which were damaged in the flooding (total budget amounts are MMK 10,000,000).

Some of the project areas of MEC’s partner Karen Baptist Convention (KBC) were also affected by the flood. KBC requested support from MEC for emergency response for six communities in Ywar thit, Gway Tauk Gone, Lett Pyan Doe, San Chaung Pauk Gone, Day Moo and Tha Bawt Gone villages. MEC provided ECCD kits, teacher kits and hygiene kits (total MMK 757,200) for six ECCD centres. At the same time MEC supported three villages in building ECCD centres (MMK 12,004,500) and also provided EiE training for KBC staff including field staff.

MEC supported Kayan New Generation Youth (KNGY) in October 2015, to respond to a land slide which occurred at Maw Chee Area in Pha Saung Township, Kayah State in the aftermath of the flooding. Four villages, Aung Chan Thar, Loe Day, Lel Lor Htee and Yu Gor Kho suffered directly and severely and their population had to move to safer places. KNGY requested MEC to provide support for the school children affected by the landslide with a contribution of US$9000 (11,250,000 MMK) to buy student kits for 250 students in Grade 1 and 2; kits for 250 students in Grade 3, 4 and 5 and teacher kits for five schools. MEC also conducted education in emergencies training for all of KNGY’s staffs and also for their partner organisation’s staff.

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