Conflict sensitivity

The programme strategy aims to be conflict-sensitive in design. In seeking to improve interactions of government and complementary education systems, the programme aims to build dialogue, trust and mutual understanding and support the peace process. It is also designed as a programme to enable the international community to provide support across government and non-state actors in support of the peace process and political dialogue that must ultimately address some of the underlying issues in education.

At an operational level, the programme will be working in complex, conflict-affected areas. There is a need to improve the knowledge and experience in the team in support of the strategy. MEC will look to identify additional dedicated capacity to advise the team on conflict issues, to ensure that conflict sensitivity is embedded in everything we do, to support the development of conflict analysis and conflict sensitive approaches, to develop skills across the team. Ultimately these skills are needed within the management team and in identifying the staff needed to resource the revised strategy the recruitment process will look at knowledge of local contexts as well as technical qualifications.

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