Strategic Facilitation Fund (SFF)

The Strategic Facilitation Fund (SFF) Application Period is now OPEN! Please read our guidelines before preparing your application.

1) Application Guidelines, MEC SFF Application Guidelines – October 2017
2) Proposal Format, MEC Proposal Format – SFF- October 2017
3) Budget Format, MEC SFF Budget Format October 2017

The Strategic Facilitation Fund (SFF) is designed as a flexible fund to support a broad base of stakeholders in non-government education systems to access technical assistance and engage in evidence based policy dialogue, to trial innovative approaches and to explore opportunities for sustainable programs, in alignment with MEC priority areas. Funding is designed to support specific activities, not long-term education programs.

MEC strategy 2016-2020, and this funding opportunity, will focus on support to complementary (ethnic and monastic) basic education systems. Three areas are prioritized and applicants are requested to specify which area they intend to apply to between: 1. Policy engagement for Education Reform, 2.Ethnic Education networking and collaboration, and 3.Education driven Innovation.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. All applicants should receive an email from us confirming receipt of your application within one week. If you sent in an application but did NOT receive a confirmation email, that means we do not have your application, so please email us to: 

Finance and Grants Director: nickedwards@myanmareducationconsortium.org

Please also copy: 

Education Manager: tayzarhtun@myanmareducationconsortium.org

Partnership Manager: jarbawk@myanmareducationconsortium.org

Finance and Grants Manager: theingitun@myanmareducationconsortium.org

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