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MEC Programme Year – 2 Result (2019)


mec_stats_2019MEC programme updated results of Year 2, August 2019. 


In 2018, MEC continued its Year 1 partnership with four key ethnic and monastic education providers, utilizing a change area model to guide progress. Through the model partners were provided with financial and technical resourcing support for the strengthening of the systems across seven transformation domains or ‘Change Areas’ focusing on 1. Curriculum, Pedagogy, Language and Assessment 2. Teacher Education and Continuous Professional Development 3: School & Community Leadership and Management, 4: Access through Non-Formal Education (NFE), 5: Human, Financial and Resources Management, 6: Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (PMEL) and 7: Policy Engagement and Advocacy. Across the Year, partners were supported to interweave strategies across the Change Areas in order to achieve the learning and policy related goals.

In the 2018-2019 academic year, MEC provided support to 2,702 schools for 352,583 learners across 10 states/regions in Myanmar. 15,416 teachers and teacher educators were provided with technical and financial support for continuous professional development.

MEC Map_Nov
MEC programme areas in Myanmar.


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