Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education (MTB-MLE)

MEC will prioritise a strategic emphasis on Change Area 1, where teaching and learning in the classroom will be improved through the strengthening of multilingual curriculum. Through a Broad-Based Capacity Development (BBCD) initiative, MEC will implement an additional five partnership agreements, in order to bring international expertise in mother tongue to ethnic groups in Myanmar and provide capacity development for Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education (MTB-MLE).

The agreements will facilitate technical engagement between SIL International’s LEAD Asia unit, the Language and Social Development Organisation (LSDO), existing partners MNEC and KED, and broader mother-tongue education service providers including Centre for Rural Education and Development (CRED, Shan), Karenni Education and Development Network (KnEDN, Karenni) and Kayan New Generation Youth (KNGY, Kayan). Through the initiative, MEC’s financial and technical resourcing will make a significant and sustainable difference to the quality of education for ethnic children, supporting organisations to better understand and implement strong MTB-MLE programmes in order to improve the quality of teaching-learning, and student acquisition of good literacy skills. Under the leadership of the MEC MTB-MLE Manager, the initiative will have a strong impact on the course of dialogue, planning and decision-making on national language-in-education policy and practice and will develop MEC’s role into the future as a respected lead organisation in MTB-MLE and ethnic language education in Myanmar.

Through the initiative, MEC will improve its capacity to provide more consistent, holistic and high-quality support to partners across their quality and policy engagement strategies.

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