Call for Proposals: Monastic Education

Myanmar Education Consortium is inviting interested organisations to submit a proposal to support the Monastic Education sector to meet the learning needs of children in monastic schools. It is widely recognised that monastic schools act as a source of access to education for children who struggle to access basic education particularly children who may be affected by poverty or conflict, providing options for children in poor and remote areas who may not have other viable alternatives to schooling. MEC has been supporting monastic education with a focus on support for the building of a monastic education system for the past five years. 

Whilst MEC predominantly pursues a system strengthening model, it is recognised that the pathway toward long-lasting systemic change in monastic education may be a non-linear process. Given the complex governance structure, combined with the immediate needs to support children considered to be hard-to-reach to access quality learning opportunities, a Technical Assistance Partnership approach to supporting children’s education within the monastic education sector has been deemed the most appropriate in the current context. While not mandatory, there is a strong preference for a consortium of organisations to apply together to draw on the strengths of different groups, including experience in different areas of technical expertise and geographic areas. 

A maximum of $ 2,500,000 is available for the period March 2023 – May 2025 for intervention activities to be implemented over a period of two school years, with funding tranches reviewed and approved annually based on the achievement of pre-agreed milestone indicators.  

Submission Instructions: 

  • All applications must be delivered in English language & via electronic format. Applications must be submitted in Microsoft Word and / or Excel formats as an attached document to: [email protected] 
  • Incomplete submissions may mean non-processing or significant delay in processing of the proposals.
  • Questions or requests for clarification concerning this call for proposal must be submitted to [email protected] by 20 December 2022. Response to questions and clarifications will be made by MEC by posting written responses on the MEC website on 30 December 2022. 
  • Application Templates – applicants must prepare and complete the proposal using the template provided (Technical application, Risk Management Plan, Result Framework and Financial Application). The templates can be downloaded from the links provided below.
  • Applicants must not submit more than one application per organisation. However, sub-partners in a Consortium can join more than one Consortium as a sub-awardee.

For more information, please read the full description of the proposal call here,

Annex 1: Technical Application

Annex 2: Financial Application

Annex 3: Result Framework

Annex 4: Risk Management Matrix

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