MEC launch in the news

Here’s how the launch of MEC was covered in the Myanmar Times, as well as on the websites of our donors.

The Australian and British government aid bodies last week unveiled a new, multi-million dollar program aimed at educating Myanmar’s poorest children, as part of a larger US$500-million commitment over five years.
Source: Myanmar Times

The UK will work with Australia to help over 200,000 children in Burma to complete basic education. The MEC will work alongside Burma’s formal education system to reach children not in the government system. This will include an emergency component to support children whose education has been disrupted by violence such as the ongoing conflicts in Rakine and Kachin states.
Source: |News

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 15.32.05Australia and the UK will work together to deliver basic schooling for more than 160,000 children in Myanmar and training for 7,000 teachers and school staff.
Source: Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs | Media releases

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