Myanmar Children’s Day

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A group of 25 children, 22 teachers, plus government officials and media representatives celebrated Myanmar Children’s Day at a Non Formal Education (NFE) center in Bago, Myanmar.

The event ” Education for Children, right for Children”, was jointly organised by the Myanmar Education Consortium and Scholarships for Street Kids (S4SK). It was aimed at increasing awareness and understanding of the importance and significance of non formal education for children in Myanmar who dropped out of primary school or were never enrolled. According to the 2009-2010 Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey, the enrollment figure of children into primary school is at about 75 per cent, with only 54 per cent completing primary school.

Prior to the event, children from these non-formal education centers were also asked to summit essays on either “My Teacher” or the “Impact of NFE programme on me”. From the entries received, six students won prizes and presented their writing on 13 February. In the afternoon, the students were treated to a special education tour of Kanbawza Thardi Palace in Bago.

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