Sustainable Development through Multilingual Education

Myanmar Education Consortium (MEC) attended at the 5th International Conference on Language and Education: Sustainable Development through Multilingual Education (MLE) from 19 to 21 October 2016.

The conference took stock of recent developments in MLE policies and practices in the Asia-Pacific region, with a special focus on multilingual education in early childhood and primary education. It likewise looked at innovative pedagogies in the training of MLE teachers. It also examined challenges and lesson learned from the Education For All (EFA) experience and give opportunities for forward-looking discussions on both the role of language in achieving the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and preserving a harmonious relationship between the global and local contexts. Over 300 people attended from 34 countries.

MEC participated as one of the presenters of a panel session titled ‘Learning from existing practices to strengthen the development and implementation of language-in-education policy for Myanmar’s diverse school community contexts ’. The panel shared the process and indicative findings of the research initiative “Community Language Contexts and MLE Practices in Myanmar”, led by MEC with the involvement of 13 partner organizations.

Under the technical guidance of MEC Senior Education Adviser, Amanda Seel, the presentations were led by MEC Education Manager, Htay Ei Ei, with three case studies presented: a Mon National School of Mon National Education Committee (MNEC), by Min Rot Ong Mon; a school in a Kachin Independence Organisation-controlled area, by L. Aung Sen; and a school supported by a Dai (Chin) literature and culture program by Salai Aung Ling.

All of our group had the opportunity to develop our knowledge in the MLE field and also networking in an area that will be one of the key supporting platforms for the MEC future strategy.

The brief information of our study can be found in the MLE Study Information Sheet.

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