International Mother Language Day 2020 celebration

Language and Society Development Organization (LSDO) successfully organized International Mother Language Day (IMLD) Event on February 21th at Gandama Ballroom, North Okkalarpa.

Yangon Region Minister of Rakhine Ethnic Affair, Deputy Minister from Ministry of Ethnic Affairs, Literature & Culture committees from other ethnic groups, representatives from many ethnic groups in Myanmar and members of MEC’s MTB-MLE partner organizations attended the event, along with representatives from UNESCO, UNICEF, POINT and the Myanmar Education Consortium (MEC).

At the event, in addition to speeches, representatives from the ethnic organizations performed together group songs of IMLD, ethnic cultural songs and traditional dances. In addition, ethnoarts that are used by different ethnic groups to promote mother tongue literacy acquisition and other MTB-MLE materials were displayed to support advocacy messages in support of MTB-MLE.

A representative from MEC highlighted and introduced its partners’ work on Broad Based Capacity Development for MTB-MLE, which includes a series of workshops led by LSDO. He also stressed the role of Ethnic Basic Education Providers and their services to support the hardest to reach children and the importance of MTB-MLE in the schools located in non-Burmese speaking areas.

LSDO’s event committee released the statement including the facts around mother language and warmly appreciated to the Government as they included the ethnic language curriculum in The National Education Law. We join with LSDO in encouraging the Government to promote the ethnic language program from basic primary school to middle and high schools.

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