Applications now being accepted for Education in Emergencies Fund

The Myanmar Education Consortium (MEC) Education in Emergencies (EiE) Fund has been established to respond to small-scale local emergencies impacting on access to education for children in affected areas.

Myanmar is a conflict-affected and hazard prone country with high vulnerability and low resilience resulting in significant disaster risk.  Natural disasters and emergencies caused by conflict disrupt access to education services for vulnerable populations. Even relatively localised events can impact negatively on nearby populations.

The MEC EiE Fund is designed to support small-scale responses to emergencies where the availability of other funding sources is limited and children’s education needs are unmet as a result of the emergency. The MEC EiE Fund will operate until 31 December 2014 or until all funding has been disbursed.

Funding, eligibility and selection

Funding of up to USD 50,000 per grant is available to local, national and international NGOs and civil society organisations from a total pool of USD 250,000 for EiE assessment and response activities aligned with the outcomes and outputs of the MEC EiE Fund.

Depending on the nature of the emergency, priority will be given to activities which are not likely to receive funding from other sources in the first phase of an emergency response. This is to ensure that regardless of the location and size of the emergency education needs are met as soon as feasible and that disruption to children’s education is minimised.

In addition to funding small-scale education responses (and pre-assessments), funding can also be used as seed funding for larger responses in the following ways:

  • to rapidly fund a more comprehensive assessment to generate the information needed to access larger funding sources needed to respond   effectively.
  • to rapidly fill a short-term gap whilst other funding already secured is in the pipeline
  • to fund the start/initial phase of a response which will, in turn, leverage further funding for its continuation (in this case, it is easier to fund established programmes)

Application Submission

Applications must be submitted on the MEC EiE Fund proposal template with attachments included to: [email protected]. Please direct any questions you have about the EiE Fund and the application process to the same address. All documents can be found here.

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