Call for Papers: Special Journal Issue – Global Studies of Childhood

Special Journal Issue
Global Studies of Childhood


Both Tibet and Myanmar have, for many years, remained closed to the scrutiny and gaze of the outside world. Connected geographically and deeply influenced by their Buddhist histories, they share many similarities yet both are developing along vastly different trajectories. Unprecedented political and economic change in Myanmar and increasing domination by Mainland China in Tibet are leading to uncertain futures, in particular for the young. The lives of children are seldom discussed and recent academic reflection on children and childhood in both Myanmar and Tibet is extremely scarce. This edition of Global Studies of Childhood begins to rectify this dearth of information.

We are looking for original papers from both indigenous and international scholars wishing to contribute to better understanding how childhood is defined, understood and lived in Myanmar and Tibet; is there in fact a notion of childhood and if so, what influences this and how are current changes impacting these perception? In addition to articles describing children’s lived experience, contributions could contribute to increasing understanding in the following areas:

1. Cultural and religious influences on understandings of childhood;
2. The impact of political and economic change on children and childhood;
3. The relevance of a child rights framework to understanding childhood in politically constrained environments such as Myanmar and Tibet;
4. Priorities for children in Myanmar and Tibet.

The Editors welcome contributions from people engaged with doctoral or early career researchers or established academics. Contributions should refer to existing debates and ensure that their article makes an original and theoretically informed contribution to the field.

Dr Karl Dorning, Development & Education Adviser, Myanmar Program No. 226, Bahan Township, Yangon, Myanmar [email protected]

Professor Nicola Yelland, Director of Research and Research Professor, Victoria University, College of Education, Footscray, Melbourne, Australia[email protected]

Call for papers – June 2104
500 word abstract to both Editors by email, due August 30, 2014
Decision by editors to be received by authors October 30 2014
Authors submit first draft by December 31 2014
Reviews by March 30 2015
Draft 2 submitted by June 30 2015

Technical requirements for submission of final manuscripts can be found

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