Monastic Education Development Group (MEDG) launched an online learning platform- MeConnect

Meconnect Website Home page

Earlier this year, MEC partner the Monastic Education Development Group (MEDG) successfully launched an online learning platform- MeConnect- to reach teachers and principals in monastic schools with training and professional development support.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, MEDG has been able to expedite the online platform development process and increase access to specially designed courses related to dealing with Covid-19.

The MeConnect workspaces have multiple functions, allowing for social network style communications between users, as well as structured interaction through online meetings, sharing of documents, discussion and work groups. The platform is already in use, with users able to access the recently designed courses on dealing with Covid-19 in the classroom and the school.

Are you a teacher or principal working in Monastic Education? If so, and you are interested in joining MeConnect, please follow the link and register here:

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